The latest version of Google’s operating system, Android 14, even has its first major update. On phones from manufacturers like Samsung, they’re taking the form of their layers of customization, with OneUI 6 taking the lead this year.

The Korean firm is working tirelessly to update many of its terminals, which have been revealed in a full schedule. It’s already made its way to quite a few Galaxy devices, but today the list expands with the inclusion of four more members, including a tablet. Let’s see what updates to OneUI 6 have just landed.

A high-end smartphone, two cheaper smartphones and a tablet: more Galaxy with Android 14

That Samsung is doing the best when it comes to Android 14 updates is nothing new. Up to 20 devices already have the OneUI 6 update – which comes alongside the latest Google OS – although it’s no reason to relax. There are still many others that must make the leap, and today we know a batch of four more devices.

According to SamMobile, a portal specialized in technology from the South Korean manufacturer, they update up to four devices: Samsung Galaxy A52s, Galaxy A33, Galaxy S21 FE and the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet. All of them will be able to enjoy the features of OneUI 6, despite the fact that the rollout has begun in specific regions.

First of all, the high-end Galaxy S21 FE from two generations ago has started to receive the aforementioned update. Of course, for the moment in the United States – and for the firmware of operators – so the rest of the regions will have to continue waiting. However, this confirms that it would be very close, and users will appreciate it: it comes with the November security patch.

On the other hand, we have as protagonist the Galaxy A33, a mid-range predecessor of the current Galaxy A34. This handset is included in the list of upgradable to Android 14, being already available in Europe. Like the previous one, it receives the November security patch, although this time with the A336BXXU7DWK6 firmware (which weighs 2.3 GB).

Continuing with the European updates, we have the Samsung Galaxy A52s, another mid-range that has been on the market for a little longer. It came out with Android 12, made the jump to Android 13, and is already receiving the A528BXXU5FWK4 firmware weighing in at 2.29GB.

Finally, the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet also has its Android 14 portion ready. The firmware is being rolled out to several regions simultaneously, namely: Europe, India, the United States, and South Korea. If you are a user of this tablet in Europe, you will receive the firmware X700XXU5CWK7, as long as you have the WiFi model. In case we have the variant with mobile connectivity, we will receive the firmware X706BXXU5CWK7. Similarly, the Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra are updated to OneUI 6 with their corresponding packages.

Samsung has taken the new version of Google’s operating system very seriously, with two updates coming before other manufacturers. In this way, he continues to deliver on his promise, albeit with a slight delay in the timetable he unveiled. Be that as it may, if you are a lucky owner of one of these devices, you can make the leap by going to your Galaxy’s settings.



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