The Android version for the car is updated stably with the new version 10.3


New week, new version of Android Auto. Version 10.3, which we met as beta a couple of weeks ago, graduates to become stable: Android Auto 10.3 is now available for download for everyone, without beta program in between.

Anyone can already have Android Auto 10.3, which is interesting because lately there have been several important errors in Android Auto that could be corrected in this update, such as the one that prevents us from using the Google Assistant.

Android Auto 10.3 is here

Android Auto is constantly updated. The new versions arrive first as a beta to test the novelties with a small number of users and later extend to the whole world in the stable version distributed through Google Play. This stable version has just been updated to version 10.3.

Android Auto 10.3 arrives with the same mystery of the previous versions and a change record that resists changing. We have tried it in search of novelties, as always, and this time we have not managed to find anything with the naked eye.

The changes, as usual, go inside and are more necessary than ever when the application does not stop having errors of all kinds, such as failures in Pixel phones or Wazevarious problems and the Assistant that refuses to answer us. Google hasn’t updated its list of known bugs, so we’re blind to what this update has fixed.

From that list of changes we knew, in beta 10.3, that the problems by which Amazon Music played the wrong song and connection problems after updating to MIUI 13 and with a Xiaomi 11T Pro were corrected. Those fixes should now come to everyone with Android Auto 10.3 stable.



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