Apple has announced that Alex Gorsky, the current CEO of Johnson & Johnson, will join its board. This transfer shows that Apple intends to take more serious steps in health technologies.
Apple has made significant strides in recent years, especially with Apple Watches and healthcare technologies. Many health-tracking features are offered on Apple Watches – an issue that Apple wants to get much better at in the future – and the company continues to thrive by working with experts in this field. Besides Apple Watches, new iOS versions are coming to iPhones, bringing significant health innovations.

A new and important development of the company in this sense was a notable transfer. Apple has announced that Alex Gorsky, the current CEO of Johnson & Johnson, a multinational health & cosmetics company that has also developed a COVID-19 vaccine that is not administered in our country, will join its board. CEO Alex Gorsky will step down from his position at Johnson & Johnson in January.

Gorsky will contribute to the company’s vision in technology and health:


At a press conference announcing this new and important transfer, Apple CEO Tim Cook called Gorsky a tech enthusiast and a ‘visionary in the field of health’. Gorsky seems to be a great contributor to all of Apple’s future health-related work with his experience in this field.

Apple and Johnson & Johnson collaborated before this transfer. The two companies had previously worked together on a project by Apple. While it is not possible to predict what innovations Apple will come across in this field in the future, it is not difficult to predict that this move will make a significant contribution, considering that they care more about health care than other technology companies.



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