Generative AI is all the rage, we know its possibilities, we are amazed at each advance as if it had reached the frontier of the impossible. And it can help us in the task of congratulating each of our contacts with a message, an image or both as unique as the person to whom the congratulations are addressed. Do you want to know how to prepare unique and personalized “Christmas”? Let’s take a look at Artificial Intelligence.

Desired by some and feared by many, but always with its good things: Christmas does not usually leave anyone indifferent. Because who is bitter about a gift? Or a congratulations? Of course, doing one or the other is not always easy, any help is welcome. And with all the possibilities offered by tools like ChatGPT, aren’t they worth taking advantage of? To create the greetings, it’s better that the AI doesn’t buy gifts.

Step One: Create the Text

Christmas GreetingChristmas gelicitation from an image created with and edited by Snapseed

Our recommendation is that you try to write a few words in your own handwriting, at least as far as possible: although most AIs related to text generation can do wonders at the level of many writers (not in vain they were trained with their texts), the ideal is to compose the greetings as non-impersonal as possible. Highlight an anecdote that you have in common, describe the emotion that arouses in you to be by his side or what you wish for the year that almost turns the corner.

Having something special in common, and being able to capture it in a small text, will help you get better results from AI: the key to generation is to be as specific as possible. Just as we do with an image, whose result will improve depending on how well we describe the scene, the same thing happens with a congratulatory text message. For example:

“I want you to write me a Christmas card for a childhood friend I haven’t seen in a long time. We drifted apart three years ago when she went to the United States and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t remember that time when we visited the amusement park.”

This command or “prompt” will create a much more specific and concrete greeting for that person than something similar to the following:

“I want a Christmas card for a friend”

His thing is to play around with the commands and see which ones generate better content. In addition, you can add different dimensions to create even more original and fun Christmas greetings. For example:

  • Write in verse.
  • Congratulate me in a humorous way.
  • I want it to look like it was written by Chiquito de la Calzada.
  • Let it have acrostic verses that read “Christmas.”

Imagine it, do tests, combine different texts and choose the one that best fits your congratulation: just because AI can do it all doesn’t mean it gets the best result on its own. And you must keep one more point in mind: every interaction with an Artificial Intelligence leaves a trail in the form of usage data. Our advice is not to share with her sensitive information related to people’s names, addresses, or the like. Privacy is also important.

The Best AIs for Generating Text from Mobile

Christmas Greeting 2Christmas greeting using Google Bard, ChatGPT, and Llama 2

Now that we’ve put on the table the most recommended guidelines for creating Christmas greetings in text, let’s look at the best tools with which to put this creation into practice. I’ll choose only the free ones, the ones that are easy to access.

  • LuzIA. She’s perfect for the task and you won’t have to leave WhatsApp: just add her phone number to your app and chat with her as if you were talking to any other contact. Follow the steps to add LuzIA to your WhatsApp.
  • ChatGPT. It’s the tool that most options draw from, including LuzIA or Bing. You can use the bot for free in GPT version 3.5 if you sign up for an Open AI account.
  • Google Bard. It’s not usually overly creative, but Google’s AI is also worth considering. Point from your mobile phone to their website and ask them for what you need.
  • Bing. Open a web browser and chat with Bing to ask it to write you text greetings. Make sure Bing Mode is set to “Creative.”
  • Call 2. Meta’s AI has a ChatGPT-style chatbot that will serve you for the task at hand. All you have to do is go to this website using your mobile browser.

Step Two: Create the Image

If you wanted to send a greeting message, you won’t need much more, but you may want to include that text in a Christmas greeting. And since AI can also create the image, why would you Google it?

Just like text, you want to describe the scene as best as possible so that tools like ChatGPT know what they need to build. Although, if we talk about Christmas creations, it is usually enough to say that it is for a greeting: if you need a more or less generic image, the AI will return a classic “Christmas” with Christmas trees, Santa Claus and the like. As we said before, try as many times as you need until you get the image that best suits the person you want to compliment.

For example, you could go with commands like the following:

“Make me a picture of a snowman, Santa Claus and a mountain of presents. In the style of a Christmas greeting”

Describe the scene, highlight the characters that should appear in the greeting, and finish by emphasizing the style you want. And if you don’t want it to look like the typical greeting, you can improvise:

  • In the style of a Simpsons Christmas card.
  • With cyberpunk style.
  • It was as if Dalí had drawn a Christmas card.
  • Pixar style.

Divide the order into three parts separated by semicolons: what the scene looks like, who appears in the greeting, what style the postcard will look like. AI will do the rest.

The Best AIs to Generate Christmas Images

Christmas GreetingImages created by Bing, Ideogram, and ChatGPT

When it comes to using free tools, the quality of images suffers more than text. Still, you can achieve good results with the following:

  • Bing. It’s the best option for creating original and imaginative images: log in to Image creator, log in with your account, and enter commands.
  • Wombo Dream. This application works quite well for creating images from your phone: you can make them from scratch or use greetings that you have already saved in your gallery. You can even customize your photos: Wombo is quite powerful. Free and with registration, although it does offer subscription for advanced use. And the good thing is that you can select the ratio of the final image: you have it on Google Play.
  • Very good and quite powerful, especially for free. You need to sign up with an account, and you can create original Christmas greetings of any style. It allows you to select the ratio and is very good at entering text: you can add it to the greeting (sometimes it writes it directly).

Step 3: Combine Text and Image

You’ve got a text and you’ve got an image. So it’s time for the process of merging, a la Gohan and Trunks: getting a Christmas greeting to really be a Christmas greeting. You already have enough with the previous steps, but let’s see how to complete the work just in case you need something as personalized and unique as possible.

For mobile phones there are many applications that combine images and text, as well as websites that offer you very good results without having to download anything. We will make a selection of both.

  • Snapseed. This complete photography app allows you to edit your photos to remove what you don’t want (like the message that Ideagram placed on us) and add the text that interests you. It includes several formats so that you can create very attractive greetings: you have the app for free on Google Play.
  • Photopea. It’s a full-fledged Photoshop that’s going to allow you to make almost any changes to your images. Load Photopea into your mobile browser, open the image you created, copy the text and paste it with the editor into the Christmas greeting. Adjust it in size and space, give it an outline effect if you feel like it and save the result.
  • Photoshop Express. There’s no big mystery, as Adobe makes it very simple: download the app to your Android, open the photo, select the text tool, paste it, and format it as you wish. You can achieve very good results: the app is free on Google Play.
Christmas GreetingChristmas greeting with personalized text and image. Made with Photoshop Express

With the above applications and websites, you have more than enough to combine the text and images of your Christmas greetings, thus achieving a unique and personalized set. Put your imagination to it and surprise everyone this Christmas with a Christmas made with AI and edited by you. You can get real wonders.



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