Electronics retail giant MediaMarkt was hit by a massive cyber attack in the early hours of yesterday morning. The cyberattack’s perpetrators, which damaged 3,100 servers, crashed systems, and prevented physical stores from functioning properly, are said to have demanded a $240 million ransom.

Cyberattacks, which increased especially during the period when the world was shut down by COVID-19, continue to this day. One of the most prominent types of cyberattacks is ransomware attacks. Electronics retailer Media Markt was the latest victim of the attacks, which demanded a ransom to restore control by attacking the companies’ systems.

MediaMarkt was attacked yesterday morning by ransomware called hives, which has plagued many companies and hospitals recently, according to reports. As a result of the attack, MediaMarkt’s information systems were shut down and storage operations were damaged in Germany and the Netherlands. MediaMarkt’s physical stores were also affected by the attack.

3,100 servers affected, $240 million ransom demanded:


With the attack, no credit card payments or receipts could be issued from the safes in the stores. However, due to the system crash, data from previous purchases in stores could not be accessed. A total of 3,100 servers were allegedly affected by the attack. An official statement was also shared by MediaMarkt. A statement confirmed the attack and said the company was working quickly to resolve the issue.

The attackers who carried out the attack demanded a ransom of $240 million. If no ransom is paid in such attacks, all files and data seized from the company as a result of the attack are put up for sale by the attackers.



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