We all want to save data on our phones, so it’s beneficial to connect to a WiFi network whenever possible, especially if we want to watch a movie, play online games, or download a large file to our phone.

However, as we constantly connect to new WiFi networks in different places, it is quite possible that the networks saved on our mobile phones have accumulated, including many that we no longer need, or that may not be as secure. It is important to remove those WiFi networks from the mobile to avoid problems.

Avoiding the risks of open or public WiFi networks.

It’s inevitable: the more time we spend on a phone, the more WiFi networks accumulate saved between the device’s configuration options. And in most cases, when connecting to a WiFi network for the first time, many of us choose the “Connect automatically” option that is active by default.

This can bring some drawbacks. For example, if you’re near a Starbucks or coffee shop whose WiFi network you’ve used once and still have saved, but not close enough to have a stable connection, you’ll have connection problems as your phone will constantly try to use that WiFi network, instead of your mobile data.

Even more important are the security risks of leaving public WiFi networks stored on your phone, or places where many unknown people connect: automatically connecting to this network, even if you are not actively using your phone, poses a risk to the security of your device.

That said, it’s a good idea to turn off your phone’s WiFi if you’re not using it. In addition, it is also advisable to delete WiFi networks that you no longer use.

How to Delete Saved WiFi Networks on Any Android Device

Each Android device manufacturer has its own custom layer, with the exception of those like Google or Motorola that opt for a pure version of Android, or closer to the stock version of the operating system.

However, while each Android-based system has its own style and some names or locations vary, the procedure of removing WiFi networks stored on the mobile is pretty much the same, with a few minor differences.

Let’s first look at how it’s done on a purer version of Android:

  • Access the system settings and there access the Internet and Networks section
  • Select the Internet option
  • Scroll down to find the Saved Networks option and access
  • Tap on the WiFi network you want to remove.

  • Finally, press the Forget button

Now you just have to repeat this process with all the networks you want to remove from your phone, and leave only the ones you do use constantly, such as your home, your work or a friend’s house, for example.

In the case of One UI, the Android-based custom layer used by Samsung Galaxy devices, the procedure is similar, with a few differences:
  • Access the settings menu of the mobile phone and there access the Connections section
  • Select the WiFi option
  • Press the three-dot button in the top right corner of the screen and then tap on Advanced Settings

  • Now, tap on the Manage Networks option
  • In this section, we look for the WiFi network we want to delete and click on it

  • Finally, press the Forget button

In the same way as with stock Android, we repeat this procedure on all the WiFi networks that we want to remove from our phone.



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