Facebook Messenger has allowed us to unsend messages without a time limit for a long time, but something you couldn’t do until recently is edit a message.

Sometimes you don’t want to delete the entire message to send it again, but fix a small error in the same message, to avoid the confusion generated by several messages in a row and canceled. Here’s how it’s done.

How to edit a message in Messenger

It’s finally possible to edit messages in Facebook Messenger, a feature that has gradually spread to most messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp.

Messenger gives you 15 minutes to edit a message, although it’s important to know that you can edit the same message a maximum of five times. After 15 minutes, your only option is to unsend the message (which deletes it from the chat, changing its content to “The message has been unsent”). There’s no time limit for canceling messages in Messenger, so you can do it at any time, even if it’s been months.


If it’s been less than 15 minutes since you sent the message, then you can edit it. To do so, you need to long-tap on the message until the context menu is displayed at the bottom. From there, tap More, and in the menu that opens, choose Edit.

This takes the original content of the message to the form, where you can modify it to fix any errors, additions, or omissions you want to make. When you’re done, tap ✔️ to confirm the edit. If you change your mind and don’t want to edit the message, you can press the X button.


Edited messages appear with the text Edited above them, although the edit history is not displayed. Here are all the steps needed to edit a message on Facebook Messenger:

  • Long-tap on the message you want to edit until the bottom menu opens.
  • Tap … More.
  • Tap Edit. If you don’t see the menu, it may have been more than 15 minutes since you sent the message.
  • Modify the message.
  • Tap ✔️ to confirm the edit.


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