Elon Musk’s survey, launched on Saturday, in which he offered to sell Tesla shares to pay taxes, has concluded. The survey of more than 3.5 million people came back with a majority of 57.9% of the ‘Yes’, while Tesla shares fell.

Elon Musk’s fortunes exceeded $300 billion as Tesla shares soared sharply. With his wealth, Musk became the richest man in the world, more than $100 billion off his nearest rival. But Musk didn’t pay taxes either because he didn’t realize the gains he made from the shares.

An interesting move from Musk on Saturday as the tax debate over billionaires, which Elon Musk reacted to last week, continues to arrive. Musk surveyed on Twitter, offering to sell 10% of Tesla shares (about $21 billion) to pay his taxes. The majority of his followers said they would accept the answer regardless.

The poll ended, resulting in a “Yes”:

Elon Musk

The survey of 3,519,252 people on Twitter ended. The poll resulted in a ‘Yes’ with 57.9%. With the survey ending, tesla shares, which were initially expected to open on Saturday, also fell. Tesla shares lost more than 7% of their value as the exchanges opened in trade. Elon Musk owns 23% of Tesla, according to Forbes data.

The money from Musk’s Tesla entered the cryptocurrency industry:

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market has risen with the certainty that Musk will sell Tesla shares. In the upswing that began with the opening of the exchanges, Ethereum this morning broke the all-time high record. Bitcoin has also thrown itself back above the $65,000 threshold.



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