Facebook has somehow given a blue tick to the fake Elon Musk profile that posts Bitcoin scams on the platform. The page is currently accountable, but Facebook has not commented.

Social media platforms can give badges that we call ‘blue ticks’ to confirm the authenticity of accounts such as well-known individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions. This badge has the same design on every social media platform and is located at the end of the names of the accounts. Although certain conditions are put in place by social media platforms to get blue ticks, unfortunately, we can also see that some accounts that will mislead people from time to time also receive blue ticks.

The latest example of this happened on the Facebook side the other day. An account created under the name Elon Musk was mistakenly approved by Facebook and received a blue tick badge. The worst part is that this approved account has over 150,000 followers and the account was managed by Bitcoin scammers.

The classic ‘Give me $1,000, I’ll throw it back $2,000’ posts were posted:

Elon Musk

The posts from the account, which gained verification under the name Elon Musk, which at first glance appeared to be Elon Musk’s official account, used a scam that we are very accustomed to on social media. The con man was basically saying,”Send $1,000 to the cryptocurrency wallet I gave you, I’ll send you $2,000.”

It is not known how the Facebook account, which is currently inaccessible, received approval. Because anyone who wants to have a blue tick on Facebook is asked for their credentials. Looks like the crooks managed to figure it out. Facebook has not commented on the matter.

On the other hand, the page didn’t have the name Elon Musk from the beginning. According to the details in the Facebook information, the page was created on January 28, 2019, under the name ‘Kizito Gavin’. Since then, the page has been renamed 6 times and was renamed Elon Musk on October 17, 2021. It was also reported that those who managed to get blue ticks on their fake pages were in Egypt.



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