MIUI 14 hides a very useful option that allows us to configure various actions by double-tapping on the fingerprint reader

Xiaomi has in MIUI a real fortress of useful features and functions that we can take advantage of. In its latest version, MIUI 14, we have talked about some of these such as the themes, the maintenance tool, the concentration mode, or the trick to make captures with the fingerprint reader.

But it is not the only thing we can do with the fingerprint reader of our Xiaomi mobile, apart from unlocking the mobile, of course. It is a function that we find in MIUI and will allow us to perform different actions. We tell you how to activate it to get the most out of it.

Turn on the flashlight or put the phone on silent with the fingerprint sensor

As we say, MIUI 14 involves several useful functions that facilitate the use of our smartphone. If we navigate through the abundant settings of Xiaomi’s layer, we can run into some surprises, such as the option to execute actions by double-tapping on the fingerprint sensor.

This feature will be found by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Gesture shortcuts, and in this submenu we will see it under the name of “Double touch the fingerprint sensor”. All you have to do is press it to display all the available options, among which we find:

  • Take a screenshot
  • Activate the flashlight
  • Deploy the control center
  • Unfold the notification bar
  • Start the Google Assistant
  • Open the camera
  • Open the calculator
  • Turn on silent mode

Get problem logs

Finally, we can override this function by placing the setting in the “None” position. Thus, when touching the reader by mistake, our mobile will not execute any action.

As we have seen, the fingerprint reader, usually located on the same unlock button, has many applications available in MIUI. We can turn on the flashlight of the mobile quickly, or simply display the notifications.

Overall, this feature streamlines many actions that would otherwise require multiple taps on the screen by the user. Access to the camera would allow us to immortalize a memory in an instant, avoiding missing the moment. On the other hand, if we need to alternate several times a day between active sound or silent mode, we also have the possibility.

Xiaomi provides us with useful tools thanks to its customization layer, which we take advantage of. Now, you can surely get more out of your fingerprint reader and you will use it more than ever, even if you do not have it configured to unlock your mobile.



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