Google’s keyboard competes with Grammarly and the like with a text review with artificial intelligence that is already beginning to be activated in its beta

Gboard, Google’s keyboard app, already has built-in spell checking and grammar checking, as well as auto-correcting errors, but now it ties it all together in a sprinkled new AI feature: text checking.

Now, the latest beta brings a button to review what you just wrote and rewrite it with the appropriate corrections, using generative artificial intelligence for it. The feature is already active for some users in the 13.4 beta version of the application.

A button to correct errors

Typing correctly using the mobile keyboard is going to be a little easier and we are not just talking about correcting errors – which the keyboard can usually fix automatically with active autocorrect – but about an in-depth review of the full text.

This review will begin to appear from today as a new button in the Gboard toolbar, called Fix it in English and that could be translated as ‘Review’ or ‘Fix’. By clicking it, it will automatically correct our text with all the spelling and grammar corrections it deems appropriate.

To be able to check the review beforehand we must open the review panel by pressing its button on the Gboard toolbar. In this case, we are shown the corrected text and we can vote on the revision, as well as share with Google our opinion about the system.

Unlike the spelling and grammar checks already existing in Gboard, this type of checking sends your text to Google for processing, which is quite problematic, although in any case it does not do it automatically, but when we choose to do the revision.



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