Google’s most popular camera is already polished: so you can enhance your photos with the latest GCam

  1. The camera application par excellence on Android is none other than Google Camera, the solution included in the Pixel and that you can install on your Android mobile to improve the photographic section
  2. Now, based on the latest version, and after going through several revisions that extend its compatibility

Google’s camera app is one of the strengths of the Google Pixel. The mobile phones of the Mountain View company itself enjoy a complete app, which applies a processing capable of improving the photographs. And best of all, almost any Android can enjoy it thanks to the community.

Relatively recently came the GCam 8.9, the latest version that Google has officially published, and adapted by the well-known developer BSG. But out, not all functions were available, something that has changed with the evolution of the new versions.

The GCam 8.9 is more than stable, brings fixes and more compatibility

How fortunate we are to have such an active community behind GCam. If it were not for these developers, only the Google Pixel could take advantage of the benefits of the Google camera, but luckily it is not so. Now, BSG has shared the seventh revision of version 8.9, the latest developed by the American firm.

If the V0 is the starting point, and in the V1 and V2 some imperfections were smoothed out, the V7 is one of the most stable moments to enjoy it. And as always, it is available on Celso Azevedo’s website. Since in Engadget Android we share that second version, there have been multiple corrections in the app, improving its features and adding more functions.

Now, five revisions later, we have a V7 that provides improved compatibility with other devices, gives us the possibility to change the gallery app with which we open the latest captures, and even accepts libraries with which to alter the behavior of the application.

On the other hand, we have available Google’s AWB mode, a kind of automatic white balance that the Pixel uses. In the sixth version, the improved HDR+ was also added for portrait mode, which will allow us to obtain images with a wider dynamic range.

But undoubtedly the most important thing is the compatibility that BSG is adding throughout the reviews, making more Android phones can take advantage of this magnificent camera. To install it, remember that you must activate the unknown sources, but first we will download the APK from the link we previously left.

Similarly, your device must be running Android 11 or higher. Otherwise, you must use some backward compatible, like this one we met not too long ago.



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