Playing GTA V on Android phones is a great experience, although in the absence of native options, you have to go through streaming

Games like ‘Minecraft’ or ‘GTA V’ are impressive. These are games that have years behind them and that are still among the best sellers and played. If we focus on the Rockstar title, it went on sale in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360, but later came to PC and next-generation consoles to, more recently, return to the headlines with the release of a version for PS5 and Xbox Series.

Interestingly, and although there was some port made by fans, it has not been released on mobile, but there are a couple of ways to play ‘GTA V’ on Android regardless of the hardware of your phone. The answer lies in cloud gaming.

How to play GTA V on Android

Current devices, by power, could run without too many problems a version of ‘GTA V’. We may see it one day (total, ‘Red Dead Redemption’ has just come out on Switch, something that many of us thought would never happen), but, for the moment, we must resort to the game by streaming.

The good thing is that there are several options to enjoy the title. My favorite is to resort to Game Pass. Thanks to the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can enjoy cloud games from the Microsoft service on multiple devices, with mobile or tablet being two of them.

When you open the application (you can download it in  the Play Store), ‘GTA V’ should appear in the ‘Most popular’ section, but if not, with putting the name in the search engine, it will appear. This game does not give us the option to use virtual controls, so you must connect a controller.

You can use controllers like the Razr Kishi, but also another controller connected by USB-C or controllers with Bluetooth connection and the experience is very, very good. In fact, as a game to play on those dead holiday afternoons when you’re out and about without your consoles, it’s going great. Of course, keep in mind that the streaming game consumes a good amount of data, so take a look at your rate.

And, remember, to enjoy this you don’t need to have either an Xbox or the game purchased, just an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Now, you can also enjoy ‘GTA V’ on mobile with Play Station Remote Play.

For this, you must have both a Sony console (PS4 or PS5) and the game and download the application on your mobile device from the Play Store –this link-. If you have PS4, you need to follow the setup steps on your console. On PS5 you must also activate the remote game and, once configured, play.

Of course, to enjoy Remote Play on Android, you can use both the on-screen controls and a DualShock 4 or a DualSense. Other controllers may or may not work properly, so we recommend the official ones and, in this case, you must have the game and the console turned on playing the title.

But hey, they are two ways to enjoy ‘GTA V’ on Android for those moments when you are away from home or the TV is busy. Or if, simply, you want to play lying in bed.



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