At this point, the news may not come as a surprise, but since last May, we have known that Google is going to perform a deletion of inactive accounts. Contrary to what we may think, if we lose an account we are putting at risk a lot of elements such as documents, photos, emails, and even contacts.

The Google account unifies all its services, so although we should not panic, we must be vigilant to act quickly. Starting tomorrow, the search engine giant has an open bar to undertake such a task, and that’s why we must mark our accounts as active.

24 hours to delete your secondary accounts

If you have followed the latest technological news, you are probably aware of the deletion of accounts that Google is going to carry out starting in December. Tomorrow begins the mass screening of inactive accounts, and the Mountain View-based company decided it was time to eliminate them. And he has a good reason.

According to information provided by Google, inactive accounts, which have remained unused for the past two years, put users’ security at risk, as they do not have advanced security features such as two-factor authentication.

To alleviate this situation, Google has opted for the most radical solution: eliminating inactive accounts. The positive thing about all this is that we will be notified via email, both in the accounts themselves and in the ones we have linked as recovery emails. Therefore, it will be difficult not to notice the great change that is coming.

Now, we may care little or nothing, but if we have secondary or forgotten accounts that contain Google Drive files, images or videos in Google Photos, or any other material uploaded to a service of the American firm, we must act accordingly.

How can we tell Google that our account is active? It will be very simple to do, and it won’t take more than a few seconds. Any of the following actions will work to prevent mass deletion and keep our information safe:

  • Read or send an email.
  • Use Google Drive (even if it’s uploading or downloading a file).
  • Watch a YouTube video.
  • Download an app from the Play Store.
  • Google anything.
  • Log in to an app that makes use of that Google account.

Performing any of these actions with our accounts will cause Google to consider them as active. Although, it is worth mentioning that it is advisable to do it right now, because from tomorrow we enter the discount hour.

Again, we repeat ourselves to avoid last-minute regrets, Google accounts are used to log in to various services, so even if you don’t remember it, you may have data that you want to put safely. YouTube videos, backups, spreadsheets, presentations… and so on.



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