Waking up every morning with the alarm of our Android phone is ideal to avoid the traditional sounds of clocks. It’s a possibility that’s always been on phones with Google’s operating system, something basic. In fact, we have different alarm applications, all valid alternatives.

However, you may have heard the mystery of the phantom alarm. By this we mean an alarm that goes off every day and we can’t locate where it’s coming from. Let’s try to find an answer for him, which I’m sure he does.

Clock app glitches

It’s a very strange thing, but it’s not that rare that it happens. In fact, on some occasions we have come across an alarm that goes off at the same time, for no apparent reason. Discarding it is easy, but once the 24 hours have passed, it will appear again on the screen of our Android phone.

The natural thing to do is to go to the alarm application that we use, but curiously, it does not appear in this one. That’s why we’ve called it a ‘ghost’, but the reality is that it must be somewhere.

In fact, the first thing we need to do is check if the watch app shows it. If not, it wouldn’t hurt to restart your phone, as the app may have made a mistake. Whether it’s due to an update, or just an occasional bug, the alarms set can disappear.

Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to check if there are any updates available that resolve the error (if any), or even do the opposite: revert to a previous version. Alternatively, we’re left with the option to clear data and cache, and ultimately, uninstall.

If the problem persists, we must look for alternative solutions, which we will discuss in the next section.

Is another app to blame?


Although all Android phones have a default clock app, there are several alternatives as we have said before. If by chance, ever, we have installed one of these, we have homework to do.

To make this search and capture task easier, we will go to the app drawer of our mobile phone (or to the home screen if we don’t use the drawer) and take a look in case we have installed a watch app.

They will be easily recognizable by their icons, almost all of them with the unmistakable shape of the watch. When you enter, you will go to the ‘Alarms’ section and there you will be able to see in first person if you have ever enabled one.

It is worth mentioning that although the alarm is usually found in watch apps, it is also worth checking others capable of doing so. Take Google Tasks and even Google Assistant itself.

If that was the problem, great, mystery solved. Also in a simple way, but not all ghost alarms are solved the same, so let’s see what else we can do if we still haven’t managed to solve it.

The Most Dramatic: Factory Restore


Yes, as you have read, the solution we have left to forget about that phantom alarm is a bit tedious -because of that reconfiguration of our mobile- but it is possibly the only thing that will solve the problem.

After performing the checks, we assume that without success, there is no other choice. Of course, keep in mind that you will lose all your apps, files, and settings, so it is advisable to make a backup.

When we have it ready, we will move to System Settings >> Reset Options. However, depending on the brand of your phone, this route may vary, so the easiest thing to do is to use the search bar present on most phones.

Once you’ve factory reset, you have to leave everything back as it was, or restore the backup. Of course, this time we’ll be keeping a closer eye on the watch app so that it doesn’t cause a headache again.


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