Netflix has started to roll out the feature where kids can watch short videos like on TikTok or Reels. The feature, which will be released in the US this week, will soon be available worldwide.

The features that allow watching short videos one after the other by ‘Zap’ were brought to many social media platforms months and years ago. It was called ‘Reels’ on Instagram and ‘Shorts’ on YouTube. TikTok is already built on that. Now that most of the social media channels have been taken over, it’s time for Netflix, the world’s most preferred streaming platform.

In the first months of this year, Netflix opened a section that allows you to watch short sections from its productions and whose interface resembles TikTok. A special version of this episode called ‘Fast Laughs’ is now being prepared for use.

Scenes from kids’ shows will come one after another like Reels


Netflix is ​​slowly launching a feature where kids can have fun watching short clips. The section with an interface resembling TikTok, such as Fast Laughs, began to be used on many devices. ‘Kids Clips’ will reach Netflix users one by one this week.

Kids Clips will show kids short clips of their favorite productions on the horizontal screen. With the emoji button on the screen, children will be able to indicate that they like the clip they see. In addition, the production from which the watched clip is taken can be added to the favorites by pressing the ‘plus’ button. Child users will have the right to watch 10 to 20 short videos in one login to this feature. This week, the feature will wrap up in North America and South America, and will then be available everywhere from Europe to Asia.




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