Nike, one of the important brands that closely follows technological developments, has taken important steps to show that it will also exist in the metaverse universe, one of the most exciting developments of the last period. The brand has applied for Nike branded products in order to sell virtual products.

After Facebook recently announced its new project ‘Metaverse’with the event and announced that it has changed its roof brand name to Meta, interest in Metaverse, also known as the internet of the future, has increased considerably. Big brands are joining this great race of tech giants to shape the future.

In fact, it’s quite normal for brands to step in quickly to get involved in this universe. Because metaverse is a really exciting development. Of course, all the information that’s coming in indicates that we’re just at the beginning of the road. But the metaverse, which offers a script that has lingered out of sci-fi films for the future, has already created that great excitement with the possibility of experiencing almost everything we can do in the physical world in the virtual universe with visual and auditory support.

Of course, it would be interesting to think that brands will not be involved in metaverse’s universe, which will be a reflection of reality. Nike, one of the brands that have been quick to get involved in such innovations, also seems to have taken immediate steps.

According to the resulting trademark applications, Nike has applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for virtual products that it can sell in the virtual universe. The application includes a wide range of products. This means Nike has already started preparing products that we can dress our avatars in.

And this application isn’t the only evidence supporting Nike’s move. At the same time, the brand is said to have opened job ads for virtual product designs and is preparing to include creative names in its team that will carry the brand to metaverse.




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