Although the infernal opening animation of Opera GX may put you off, the reality is that the one that holds the title of being the first gaming browser hides useful functions for all kinds of people, whether you are a gamer or not: from the control of resources destined for the PC, its high customization options at the design and sound level and in its latest update a practical panic button for when we are caught red-handed.

You have to be doing a job but you’re reading X. Maybe you’ve taken a short break in your workday in front of the Excel screen to change Biwenger’s lineup. You’re writing an article and you’re shown a hilarious Roman Baptistery style YouTube video. We are not here to judge you, because more or less has been caught doing what they shouldn’t or directly browsing embarrassing sites.

A single button to switch to a nondescript screen

Well, the Opera GX development team has implemented a button that immediately mutes the playback of all tabs and switches to a new window of secure content just at that moment when someone appears on the scene and can take a look at your screen. So, just press F12 and voila, your screen will go unnoticed. When everything is clear again, simply press F12 again to return to your original activity.

As explained in the Opera GX Blog, it comes with a list of predefined websites that you can choose as “safe tabs”, including Wikipedia, but you can also choose them yourself.

Although designed to avoid those embarrassing situations, this is a very interesting quick function for privacy lovers who want to avoid other people’s glances and gossip on their screen and that would not hurt at all in other browsers.

To enjoy this feature, you can download and install Opera GX for free from its website for Windows and Mac computers and Android and iOS devices. Deployed a few hours ago, to activate the panic button it is necessary to first enable the ‘Early Bird’ option in the browser options.



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