If you want to know your altitude you need an altimeter and, although your phone has instruments to show you the data, you usually can’t know what altitude you are at without having to install an app. This is so, although you can know your altitude on Google Maps on the web,on Google Maps ,for Android it is almost impossible to see it.

There are many altimeter apps on Google Play, but if you’re only curious at a particular time and aren’t going to use it often, you don’t need to install anything to know your altitude. Instead, visiting a particular website will do.

How high am I right now?

There are data from our day-to-day lives that probably won’t be of any use to us, but we still get curious and you have no choice but to get the answer. Like when you’re visiting a certain park in Madrid and you hear that the Fountain of the Fallen Angel is at an altitude of 666 meters. Or maybe you’re wondering if where you are now is at more or less altitude than another place you know.

If you’re going to need to measure your altitude for good reason, the most reasonable thing to do is to opt for a quality altimeter, specialized apps or a GPS smartwatch, but for curiosities you can occasionally have plenty of a website. There are several available, and of the ones we’ve tested, a good option is https://whatismyelevation.com.

After opening the website, which adapts perfectly to your mobile, you will need to give the browser permission to access your location. After doing so, in a few seconds you will get the altitude data, although at first it will tell you in feet instead of meters. You can change it further down by pressing the m button.

In the same way, the website shows the estimate obtained by the mobile sensors as standard, which does not have to be particularly accurate. Instead, you’re better off switching to Lookup on web, which will take your phone’s location coordinates and search the web for what altitude they are at. In our tests, this was much more reliable than the Use device data.



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