One of the components that we must take care of the most in our mobiles is the battery, as they tend to degrade over time, and that is something that happens to all mobiles, regardless of their range or price. That’s why it’s advisable to try to stretch your life as long as possible, especially after you’ve spent hundreds of euros on a mobile, or perhaps more than 1,000.

There are ways to protect the health of the battery of our mobiles, and they do not involve a great effort, just follow some steps and recommendations in the way we use the mobile, and above all, the way in which we charge it. But, if, like me, you tend to be a bit forgetful, this app will help you take better care of your devices with just two steps.

Electron, an app to take care of the battery health of your mobile device

In essence, there are two “enemies” that we must fight against in order to maintain battery health: excessive temperatures (i.e., overheating), and charge and use cycles that completely drain the battery. This last point also includes the condition of the charger and its quality. If a faulty charger is used, the battery is at risk of being affected.
The Electron app is very useful to knowdetailed information about the health of the battery and even the charger we are using. When installing it on the mobile, the first thing it will do is analyze the battery and the power consumption of the device, even detecting the battery capacity, although, in my case, it detected that the battery is 4,880 mAh, while the manufacturer of my mobile says that its capacity eds is 5,000 mAh. The app allows you to correct and enter the battery capacity in a personalized way.

Once in the app, the first thing we see is the most basic but important information about the battery: the state of its health, capacity, current battery level, and battery temperature at the time of using the app. If we are charging the phone, it will also show the estimated time to reach full charge.

In the second tab of the app, we can see the charging information, including the charging speed, the average amperage and, very importantly, the app will be able to detect if the charger is defective. This information is updated in real time, so it will show how the charging speed varies while using the phone, and how the battery level increases as the device is charging.

But the most interesting feature of this app is the ability to set alarms for battery charging.

It is not advisable to keep your phone plugged into the charger, for example, overnight. Mobile phones have systems that protect them from excessive heating during charging, even if we leave it plugged in for a long time. However, maintaining a charge between 90 and 100% can degrade the battery faster.

Similarly, allowing the battery charge to drop below 20% or 15% can be detrimental to your health in the long run. Especially if we let the phone reach 0% battery and turn off.

For this reason, Electron allows you to set alarms to notify the user when the charge has already reached 85% or 90% (the amount of charge can be configured at your choice), and thus be able to disconnect it from the charger, or when it has decreased to 20% or 15%, for example. Yes, there are situations in which it is impossible to charge your mobile phone because you are away from home and on the move, but trying to prevent the charge from being less than 20% allows you to take care of the health of the battery.



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