I love mobile widgets. In fact, it is not uncommon for me to dedicate some time from time to time to personalizing them and organizing them in the most practical and beautiful way. However, I admit that WhatsApp ends up being the only one that I end up taking advantage of no matter how much I insist on adding those of other apps.

Not surprisingly, the popular messaging app thus offers one of the best ways to read messages without being seen, since the other person will not see the blue double check as an indication. If you didn’t know this ‘trick’, I’ll tell you how to take advantage of it.

Ninja style with WhatsApp messages

The WhatsApp message widget is far from new. In fact, I can’t remember the Android app without it. Because this is important, it’s only available on Android and not on iOS (which if you’re reading Xataka Android, I guess you don’t have an iPhone, but just in case).

It’s an app widget, so it’s available on any Android customization layer and even older versions. It is the one in which you can already see in its preview that it allows you to read messages, having to select and place it.

The widget supports different sizes, so it’s possible to resize it however we want to fit it as well as possible. Right away (or as soon as you receive messages) you’ll see that it’s possible to read messages from both individual and group chats, so you can’t miss anything. It’s also worth noting that you can swipe to see them all if they don’t fit in the first view of the widget.

However, it has certain disadvantages such as the fact that the messages appear somewhat cluttered. They go from top to bottom in order of arrival, so at first we tend to read the last thing that came to us first without stopping to think that there is a previous context below. Also that they all appear like crazy without ordering each other by chats (even if it puts their name). However, it serves to get out of the way and read messages quickly without them knowing that we saw them.

As an additional tip, it is interesting to place the widget on a screen other than the main one. Beyond the fact that this way you avoid being continuously distracted by messages, you will save a considerable space on the home screen and you can even leave it at full size in order to better read all the messages.



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