Android 14 will reach all Android manufacturers, but we only have clues with Samsung’s One UI 6, OnePlus’ OxygenOS 14 and Google itself with its Pixel

A year ago, Android 13 had already been with us stably for several weeks. In this 2023, however, we are still waiting for Android 14 to come out of beta. The wait is getting long, but there is less left. In fact, we already have three manufacturers approaching the starting line, including Google itself.

The Mountain View company does not confirm dates, but it is already intuited that it will launch Android 14 in October, Samsung has indirectly confirmed the arrival of One UI 6.0 based on that version for the same month and only OnePlus has confirmed an exact date. In fact, the Chinese will be the earlyest, except surprise.

OnePlus, the first dated for the end of September

In OnePlus they have cut the rumors and hypotheses for the healthy. Less than a week ago they confirmed the date of OxygenOS 14. This is the version of its customization layer based on Android 14 and will begin to be deployed on September 25.
What they haven’t revealed is the list of compatible devices. According to the betas that have been arriving in previous weeks, it is expected that the OnePlus 11 will be the first and that it will not take long to reach the OnePlus Nord 3 and OnePlus 11R, as well as the OnePlus 10 Pro. There will be more devices, sure, but the company needs to confirm them and, incidentally, mark a planned date.

Samsung drops that the deployment will begin in October

At the end of last week, Samsung confirmed its annual conference for developers, the Samsung Developer Conference 2023. This will be held in San Francisco on October 5 and One UI 6.0 is expected to have a lot of prominence.

This new iteration of Samsung’s layer for its Galaxy phones is based on Android 14 and, despite taking months in beta, has not been officially presented. Its stable deployment is likely to begin on those dates.

Like OnePlus, many Samsung phones are expected to receive this update. The foreseeable thing is that the first to welcome it are its latest flagships and more specifically its brand new folding Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galazy Z Fold5, also accompanied by the entire series of the Galaxy S23.

Google does not say “this mouth is mine”, but also points to October

The pioneer in the launch of Android 14 should be precisely the company that develops Android 14: Google. In the absence of official confirmation, the forecast is that it will begin to launch on October 4 with the announcement of the Google Pixel 8.

Apart from the aforementioned Pixel 8, and based on the devices compatible with the betas, this version would reach all the brand’s mobiles from Pixel 4a 5G onwards. This would also include the brand new Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet.

Of course, manufacturers that base their operating systems on Android there are many. Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme, Nokia, Motorola, Vivo, etc. All of them will deploy their respective layers in the coming months, although none has yet commented on it.

Google leads the way and, probably, the rest are waiting for it. Therefore, and despite that strange exception with OnePlus, it does not seem that we will see Android 14 on other phones until the Pixel begin to receive it. In any case, we will continue to wait for further information from any of them.



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