When we listen to music through Spotify on our Android phones, many times we are not really taking full advantage of the audio quality offered by the application, and Spotify is to blame. While it’s true that Spotify doesn’t yet offer a subscription plan with Hi-Fi audio quality, there are ways to improve the audio quality on the streaming service, without paying extra or installing any extra apps.

This is hidden among the system settings. This is an option that Spotify offers to, according to the company, offer a more consistent experience when listening to music, but that can actually hurt the audio quality in the songs of our favorite artists.

How to Improve Audio Quality on Spotify for Android with Just a Tap (or Almost)

The most audio-conscious, those who call themselves audiophiles, usually prefer to listen to music exactly as the artist planned it when writing, recording and producing their songs. Spotify doesn’t have lossless audio quality, at least for now, while other services like Tidal, Qobuz, and Apple Music do offer this quality. Still, I wouldn’t dare to say that Spotify doesn’t have good sound quality, simply, the music is compressed for less data consumption, among other things.

The problem is that Spotify also modifies the sound quality of songs by applying something called volume normalization, which is detrimental if you’re looking for the highest audio quality possible.

You may be wondering: what is volume normalization and why is it bad? Volume normalization, Spotify explains on its support website, allows the app to “balance soft and loud songs to deliver a consistent listening experience.” Basically, it alters the volume of the songs so that everything is on the same level and nothing sounds too low, or too loud.

What’s wrong with it? Put simply, it can compress the sound of music and affect its quality if it deems it to sound too loud, and modify it when it sounds too low, which could increase background noise in a recording. This feature can impair something called audio dynamic range, which is the difference between the loudest and lowest sound elements, and artists produce their songs by playing, or variing, just the way their elements sound and their volume, especially musicians who put a lot of emphasis on production and mixing. such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Pink Floyd or Steven Wilson, to mention just a few examples.

To turn off audio normalization on Spotify, follow the steps below:

  • Access the app on your mobile and tap on your profile picture in the top left corner
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down until you find the Normalize Volume option and turn it off
Trick Spotify Android Best Quality

That’s it, but since you’re in this menu, remember that you can set the Spotify playback quality when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, which we recommend setting to “Highest”, and when you’re using mobile data, which will depend on your mobile data plan, but the higher the quality you choose, better.

Finally, a word of caution: regardless of whether or not you turn off the volume normalization feature, listening to music or any type of content at an excessively high volume can be harmful to hearing health, keep that in mind when listening to music, especially with headphones. When the volume bar of your mobile turns red, it is precisely a warning about it.



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