We’ve long been certified as Google’s antivirus for apps on Google Play. However, it does not exempt applications downloaded from the Internet in APK format from the danger of malware infection. Luckily, there are ways to analyze these files and doing so from Telegram may be the best option.

VirusTotal already offers a web service capable of analyzing the files we upload for malware, but it also offers a fast, convenient and free antivirus from the Telegram messaging app. They do it through a bot and how it works couldn’t be simpler.

How to access and use VirusTotal on Telegram

If you’ve never used Telegram bots before, they are automated tools integrated like another chat and offer different utilities. In this case, as we said in the introduction, scan files that we send in search of malware, although the first thing is to “install” it.

The steps to add the VirusTotal bot to Telegram are to do a simple search through the magnifying glass icon at the top right. There we will type “VirusTotal”. It is possible that several will appear, but the official one is the one with the bot description and with the profile picture that we showed in the image above.

Once you’ve located the bot and you’re already in its chat, you have to click on ‘Start’. After this, a message will automatically arrive welcoming the service and explaining how it works. Of this, the possibility of uploading files of up to 370 MB to be analyzed with more than 70 antivirus programs stands out. It should be said that, although it is very intuitive even if you don’t know English, we also have the option to change the language to Spanish (or other).

While the 370 MB may seem scarce, the truth is that there is enough to send many types of files. It’s not just limited to APKs, but it can be used to file any file. This is especially useful for other items that we download or receive by email and that we doubt your trust.

The actual sending of those files is the same as when we send it to anyone in a chat. We must click on the icon in the form of a paperclip, then click on ‘File’ and then on ‘Internal storage’. After this, the internal file explorer will open and you will be able to select (individually) the file in question.

Once you’ve sent it, the bot will show you how it is downloaded in real time. Once it’s on its servers, it takes just a few seconds to scan for malware and send a complete message with all the antiviruses that scanned it and their verdict. Here we also find it very intuitive with emojis as an indication that the file is clean or, on the contrary, includes some threat.



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