Essie Randles captures the harrowing events of the 1978 Burger Chef murders in Indiana, portraying Jayne Friedt in the true-crime documentary “The Speedway Murders.”

Essie Randles, born Esther Randles, is the daughter of Brendan Randles, an architect and urban designer, and Sally Hunt Randles. She also has a younger brother named Jackson Randles. Born on February 26, 1999, in Sydney, Australia, Essie Randles has made a significant impact in both film and theater.

Starting her career on stage, Randles performed in several notable productions, including “Come Again,” “Gary Gary Gary Gary,” and “Dracula.” Her talent and dedication to her craft were further honed at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) at the University of Melbourne, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Acting in 2019.

Essie Randles’ Role as Assistant Manager, Jayne Friedt in “The Speedway Murders”

Essie Randles made her film debut in the 2023 crime docu-drama “The Speedway Murders.” This documentary series brings to light the chilling and unresolved Burger Chef murders, where four young employees, including assistant manager Jayne Friedt, were brutally murdered.

In the series, Randles and her co-actors effectively convey the fear, confusion, and emotional turmoil experienced by the victims. The documentary meticulously retraces the events of November 17, 1978, when Jayne Friedt, along with Ruth Shelton, Mark Flemmonds, and Daniel Davis, disappeared from the Burger Chef restaurant on Crawfordsville Road. Two days later, their bodies were discovered in a remote area of Johnson County, having been shot and stabbed.

Jayne Friedt, born on May 5, 1958, was known for her hard work and dedication. After spending three years at another Burger Chef location, she was transferred to the Speedway restaurant. The Burger Chef murders remain one of Indiana’s most infamous and perplexing unsolved crimes. Stoney Vann, the retired lead investigator, has expressed that he will take the mystery of this case to his grave.

A Closer Look at the Documentary

The documentary “The Speedway Murders” not only delves into the facts and theories surrounding the case but also highlights the personal stories of the victims. Jayne Friedt, portrayed by Randles, was a diligent worker and an integral part of her community. The series paints a poignant picture of her life, emphasizing the loss felt by her family and friends.

The series also explores the various theories that have emerged over the years. From suggestions of a botched robbery to more complex conspiracies, the documentary examines all angles, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the case. A particularly intriguing element is the filmmakers’ receipt of a second-hand confession from a close friend of one of the victims, adding another layer of mystery to the story.

Essie Randles: Beyond “The Speedway Murders”

Essie Randles is also known for her role in the upcoming series “Apples Never Fall” (2024), where she portrays Brooke Delaney. Her ability to dive into complex characters and bring them to life on screen has earned her a growing fan base. As of June 2024, she boasts over 3.9k followers on Instagram under the username “@essierandles.”

The Impact of “The Speedway Murders”

The release of “The Speedway Murders” on June 21 has sparked renewed interest in the Burger Chef case. Available in theaters and on-demand platforms, the documentary has captivated audiences with its detailed and emotional retelling of the events. The story of Jayne Friedt and her fellow victims serves as a haunting reminder of the lives cut short by this tragic event.

The series has also prompted discussions about the importance of solving cold cases and the impact of such crimes on communities. It highlights the tireless efforts of law enforcement and the enduring pain of the victims’ families. Through Randles’ portrayal of Jayne Friedt, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the human side of the story, beyond the headlines and police reports.

Essie Randles’ portrayal of Jayne Friedt in “The Speedway Murders” is a powerful reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring quest for justice. The documentary sheds light on a dark chapter in Indiana’s history, offering a platform for the voices of the victims to be heard once more. As the case remains unsolved, the hope is that renewed attention will lead to new information and, ultimately, closure for the families affected by this tragedy.



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