It is public and notorious that fast charging on a mobile can be harmful to the health of the battery in the long run. However, there is nothing wrong with using it and more at times when we are in a hurry and need to leave home with enough battery. Something easy in mobiles that accept high load powers, but not so much in others.

Unfortunately, there is no method that guarantees that a mobile compatible with loads at 15 W, for example, charges the same as one at 67 W. However, you can apply some tips to speed up the process more than normal. At times like those cited above, they can be vital.

Charging it off will always be the most suitable

We start from the basis that the best thing for a smartphone that is charging is that no process is being carried out on the mobile during that time. And no, having the mobile locked on a table without using it does not imply that it is not executing tasks.

Whenever the mobile is on, there will be a consumption by the processes that run in the background without us even being aware of it. Therefore, if possible, turn it off to speed up charging. Most smartphones allow that, without turning it on (just pressing the lock button) you can see the percentage they carry.

If you can’t turn off your phone, apply one or more of these tips

Obviously, turning off the mobile is not always a feasible option. See as an example being waiting for a call or having to send a message. In these cases, it is advisable not to touch it or use it just enough and necessary during the charging process. Even more so if we take into account that it can heat up and damage the battery.

We also advise you to take into account these tips so that the charge is as fast as possible, even if it is at a lower speed than with the terminal off:

  • Activate fast charging in the settings if your mobile is compatible with this charge, since many times it is deactivated and requires to activate it. This is done from the battery settings panel.
  • Use a certified charger with the right power. That second element is somewhat indifferent if the mobile does not have fast charging, but the first is important to ensure safe charging and at the highest possible speed.
  • Also use certified cables, either the original ones or others that you have purchased.
  • Use a wall plug, as they are more prepared to provide a faster charging current than the USB port on a computer or powerbank.
  • Close all applications that are running if they are not necessary, so that they are not affecting the consumption of the mobile and are counterproductive for fast charging.
  • Keep the screen off and, if you have the ‘Always On Display’ option, disable it so that it is completely black without a single pixel working.
  • Disable as many connections as possible such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data. You can even activate airplane mode to limit those connections at once.
  • Turn off notifications and mute your phone. You can do all this with the do not disturb mode and even the rest mode, thus making the reception of messages and calls do not affect consumption either. If possible, turn off vibration as well.
  • Recharge the battery in an optimal environment in terms of temperature and humidity, thus preventing the device from heating up and, apart from slowing down the charge, affecting the health of the battery.

We already warned that there are no miracles and you will not notice that the recharge of the battery occurs in record time and more without having a mobile compatible with fast charging. However, you will notice that in general it loads faster than if you are using the mobile without applying any of those tips.



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