Are you eager to see how far Google’s potential goes in generative AI? Well, the latest in this field, Gemini Pro, is currently available in the alternative to ChatGPT: Google Bard. Of course, to try it from outside the United States you will need to follow a few steps: we explain how to carry them out from your Android phone.

Recently, and in the face of the rise of Open AI, Google decided to release its most advanced multimodal language model, the so-called Gemini. Arranged in three levels in order to better accommodate needs, this Gemini ranges from the Nano version, suitable for devices that need to run it locally, to Gemini Ultra, intended for large projects that require a problem-solving Artificial Intelligence. And the intermediate is the only one we can currently test, Gemini Pro. It arrives loaded with potential.

Get your Google Bard ready to try Gemini Pro

As announced by Google itself, Gemini Pro is integrated into the available version of Google Bard, the conversational chat that was the alternative to the well-known ChatGPT. Of course, the latest model only appears in English and to those who are physically in the United States; So there is no choice but to imitate both premises if you want to access from other countries.

To try Gemini Pro on Google Bard, you need a VPN that allows you to connect to US servers. Our recommendation is NordVPN: we’ve been playing with the new AI since its appearance and haven’t had any problems. Gemini Pro works fast, reliably and according to the expected guidelines: Google Bard has finally improved over how it behaved until now.

Let’s take a look at the steps to try Gemini Pro right now on your Android phone:

  • Open a web browser on your Android. It doesn’t matter which one you use: we used Google Chrome for the process.
  • Sign in to your Google Account and scroll down to “Personal Info.”
  • Scroll down to “General Preferences for the Web” and go to “Language.”
  • Select U.S. English as your preferred language. Alternatively, you can go to this link by avoiding the steps above.
  • Now you need a VPN to simulate a connection from the United States: for the task we used NordVPN.
  • Load a US server and go to the Bard page. It should come up in English letting you know that you’re using the Gemini Pro model.

Once you have Google Bard with the Gemini Pro model (you can ask it to make sure), it will remain operational as long as you follow the two premises: youmust speak to it in English and keep the VPN active. As soon as you don’t meet either of the two, you’ll switch to PaLM 2, the model before Gemini.

Ask Bard any questions, have them build poems for you, write you books, or develop code for you: Google has done a great job with Gemini Pro. Until it’s rolled out to everyone, you can try out its benefits early.



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