With a 21 Omega version about to be officially released, there are ways to access the latest Kodi from Android now. Do you want to know how? It’s a process that won’t take you half a minute and guarantees you access to the next betas of this excellent media player.

With the content needs of our smart devices, having an app like Kodi guarantees access to a good part of local photos and videos, as well as streaming services. Even IPTV, where you can set up Kodi on Android to access public playlists. As developers stay up and running, it is possible to access the latest news on any mobile or tablet. Even on TV, that Kodi goes great on Android TV.

Kodi beta for Android gets the news much soone

Kodi Beta

The multimedia player platform is developed on open source and maintains a complete repository on GitHub with all the changes of those who contribute to making Kodi the best cross-platform player. Not only that, they have different lines of testing open in order to make sure that everything that is implemented works correctly. And Android has one of those “testing tracks”.

The Kodi beta for Android is open to anyone who has the link to sign up for the version in development. This guarantees priority access to the new features, although it also has its risks: since they are trial versions, they may contain errors and failures in the execution that prevent the correct use of Kodi on Android. As always when considering access to a beta, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

The Kodi test track for Android is the beta of the app on Google Play. To request access, the following process must be carried out:

  • Click on this link to access the registration form.
  • Log in with your Google account and click on “Become a tester“.
  • From now on, whenever you update your Kodi app for Android, whether it’s on mobile or an Android TV, Google Play will install the latest test version available.
  • If you want to leave the beta program, go to the same page and click on the “Leave the program” button.

Kodi Beta

Kodi is currently testing the second beta of Omega version 21.0. This is a well-rounded version that takes a leap forward in playback quality thanks to its compatibility with FFmpeg 6.0; as well as introducing many other changes, such as improvements to Dolby Vision compatibility with Android.



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