Just yesterday there was a surprise: Twitch announced that from now on it would allow a wide range of “artistic nudity” to its creators. The new rules – full of contradictions – even opened the door to the appearance of full nudity in CGI in streaming broadcasts.

24 hours later, this morning, the consequences of Twitch’s unexpected decision were already obvious: the platform’s ‘Art’ category had become a pornographic chaos, especially in the form of ‘anime’ content. And the situation wasn’t going down well with many veterans of the platform.

Arte Dicen


But if the adoption of these new Twitch policies was unexpected, the reaction has been even more unexpected: the company has perceived that the matter had gotten out of hand, and less than a day and a half after announcing them, they have announced that they are going to revert (most of) the changes.

Either that, or they’ve remembered that a few years ago Tumblr was on the verge of being left out of the mobile app stores for opening its hand too much with adult content.

The broadcast of video games classified “for adults” will continue to be possible in the new (almost old).

Of what has been said (almost) nothing

The initial update allowed—albeit with some limitations—the broadcasting of nudes, both real and fictional, as long as they were artistic and not sexual in nature. This relaxation of the rules generated a heated debate among the user community, with mixed opinions about its possible implications.

However, in the face of mounting pressure and concerns stemming from the possible inappropriate use of the new possibilities offered by the platform, Twitch has backtracked, acknowledging in a statement that it has gone “too far” with the change.


As a result, it has been announced that any form of nudity, real or fictional, will be banned immediately, regardless of the medium used.

While adult games with explicit content will still be allowed, the platform has made it clear that any other depiction of nudity, including conventional art and body painting, is now banned (and by ‘now’ we mean that it has come into effect immediately).

Dan Clancy, CEO of Twitch, has expressed concern about the challenges presented by digital representations of nudity, especially in the current context of massive use of artificial intelligence and the difficulty in distinguishing between digital art and photographs.

It never rains to everyone’s liking



The decision has sparked mixed reactions. Thus, on Reddit we can find users who celebrate the reversal…

“I’m glad Twitch made this decision. It was too risky a change and could have resulted in the transmission of inappropriate content.”

 to others who make their disappointment clear:

“I’m disappointed that Twitch has backtracked on this change. I think it was a positive step to allow artists to express their creativity.”

In short, while some users applaud obtaining a safe environment, others talk about freedom of expression and artistic creativity. Undoubtedly, it is clear that moderating content on digital platforms is a complex task.



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