The mobile cache does its job, so I’m not one to delete it silly unless I’m running out of space on my phone, which luckily hasn’t happened yet. However, I recently discovered that a website was storing an excessive amount of data, even though I hadn’t visited it for literally years.

A website taking up 1 GB of mobile storage doesn’t make sense, and even more so if you don’t visit it often. This case is somewhat extreme, but the truth is that reviewing the list I saw other examples of several hundred megabytes of websites that didn’t seem to be necessary either.

Websites that eat up storage

Those who usually clear the cache and cookies of the mobile usually do it indiscriminately, although there are also ways, somewhat more hidden, to clear the cache for a specific website in Google Chrome. That’s precisely how I discovered that a website was hogging my phone’s storage space.

In my case, it was 1 GB of storage, a not insignificant amount and if it were an application it would make me consider disinstalling it if I don’t use it often. I haven’t visited this website for months or maybe years and I can’t really think of any reason why I need to save 1GB of data in my mobile storage.
This case is somewhat extreme, although other websites took me hundreds of megabytes, so it could be that you also have a similar case, especially if you have added these websites to your mobile as a progressive web application. Just in case, it never hurts to do a quick check.

To see if you have any other storage-hogging websites, go into Google Chrome’s settings and go into Site Settings. At the bottom, tap on Stored Data to see the list.

If you’ve found any website that stores more data than you’d like, you can tap on it to clear the data, as well as opt for the more generic Delete All Data, which will remove all data from all websites. You may need to log in again if you visit these sites again.

Thanks to this “trick” I managed to recover 1 GB of storage on the phone without losing absolutely anything. If at any point I need to book a flight on that airline, I just have to open the website normally in Google Chrome. As a curiosity, doing so only saves 50 Kb of data on the mobile, so it is still a mystery what was in that gigabyte.



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