Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee who previously hit the world spotlight with documents she shared with the Wall Street Journal, said this time mark Zuckerberg should step down as CEO. Haugen said it would make Facebook safer.
Frances Haugen,a former Facebook executive, said that some of the reports that have rocked the world in recent weeks have come to light. provided. According to these reports, Facebook prioritized profits rather than providing security highlighted content related to some political people on the platform, and carried out many bad activities that would affect people’s opinions.

Haugen, who from time to time occasionally shared explicitly different information about Facebook again, made a call to Mark Zuckerberg in a statement today. Haugen has invited Mark Zuckerberg to step down as CEO of the company, now called Meta. He suggests Zuckerberg’s resignation could make Facebook stronger in terms of security.

‘Facebook is jumping from branch to branch instead of improving itself’:

Mark Zuckerberg

Following these statements, Haugen also made some statements about Facebook’s new initiative. Haugen said the leaked documents indicated that the company should first focus on solving outstanding issues with its social media platforms and criticized Facebook’s move instead to a new multibillion-dollar project.

“There is a ‘meta’ problem with Facebook,” Haugen said, calling for Facebook’s new name, adding that the company has been thrown into new areas again and again, above what it has developed before. Referring to the documents he leaked, the whistleblower said it was clear that there needed to be more resources for security systems at a very basic level.

The reason Facebook, which changed its name abruptly, did so was because of the recent scandals, according to many. But Zuckerberg said a few weeks ago that most of the allegations against him and the company made no sense. he told me.. The CEO’s latest statement said the name change at the company had nothing to do with the scandals.



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