YouTube officials announced that from today, dislike numbers on the platform will be hidden from users.
YouTube has been working on a number of innovations, especially recently, to protect creators and make their business easier. In recent weeks, you’ve been told that YouTube will provide new tools and financial support to gaming YouTubers we transferred.

In addition to this innovation, YouTube has announced a very controversial innovation. According to the statement, YouTube will no longer show dislike numbers to users. Creators will continue to see the number of dislikes coming into their own videos.

Dislike numbers will be hidden


Like and dislike buttons, which are the most basic features of YouTube, are of great importance for both creators and viewers. But YouTube officials announced today that no videos will show dislike numbers as of today. Authorities say it was hate raids on small-scale creators that caused the situation. Hate raids were often organized by larger creators, and targeted YouTubers were showered with dislikes.

YouTube, which announced in March that it was considering removing dislike numbers, was criticized by YouTubers, who are often watched for taunting other YouTubers, and videos on the company’s own platform were distilled. Some users think the reason for this change is related to YouTube’s shameful past. The YouTube Rewind 2018 video that YouTube posted from its official account is still YouTube’s most disliked video. Users think their dislike has been removed because of the video, but officials insist it’s done to protect small-scale YouTubers.

While YouTube’s”innovation” is appreciated by some users, it is seen by some as”unnecessary.” And what do you think about the removal of dislikes?



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