Ford was the latest company to announce it would suspend production at its plant as the chip crisis continues to affect the world’s giant automakers. Ford Otosan announced that production at the factory in Gölcük has been suspended until November 17th.
The chip crisis, which started during covid-19 and continues today, affects every sector in the world. However, the car sector is one of the sectors that suffer the most from the chip crisis. Until now, many giant automakers around the world have been forced to suspend production at some of their factories due to the chip crisis.

Ford was the last of these automakers. The company decided to stop production at the Gölcük plant between November 6th and 17th. It was reported that production at the company’s Yeniköy and Eskisehir factories will continue. Ford also explained the issue to the Public Disclosure Platform.

A statement from Ford said:


Ford Automotive Industry Inc. said in a statement that it is working to minimize the effects of the chip crisis with the measures taken by one of its main partners, Ford Motor Company, and their plans with suppliers. The company also announced that it is projected to decrease its target production and total sales expectations by approximately 18,000 units for 2021 due to the suspension of production.

There were other companies in Turkey that stopped producing cars for a while due to the chip crisis. The most recent example of these companies was Renault.. Renault decided not to produce for a week at its factory in Bursa due to the chip crisis. About three months ago, Toyota Turkey announced that it would suspend production at its Sakarya plant for 15 days.



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