The Xbox Game Pass application and our Ultimate subscription will be enough to play the new Bethesda IP on our mobile or Android device

The day we set out on our journey to the stars has arrived. Bethesda Studios has opened the ban on Starfield, its new IP in 25 years, with an early access that began yesterday for all those who have purchased the Premium version or the upgrade to the Premium edition.

Now, we can enjoy this space adventure on Xbox consoles and computers, waiting for the launch “for all” that will take place this coming week. But not only can we enjoy it from the sofa at home, but it will be available through the game in the cloud. We tell you how to play Starfield from your Android mobile with the help of Xbox Game Pass.

One hundred planets at your fingertips, with the Game Pass cloud

When Xbox and Microsoft released Game Pass, they not only gave us access to a catalog with hundreds of games, but also focused on what they called “the future of gaming.” That is, the game in the cloud, in which we do not need a powerful device to enjoy the available titles, because everything runs on the company’s servers.

Since then, it is possible to play certain titles from our Android phone, either by connecting a controller via Bluetooth or with the touch controls that the Xbox application includes. With Starfield it will not be different, as it will be available from its official release date.

Therefore, next Wednesday (September 6) the cloud game will be enabled for this new Bethesda title, allowing us to travel between planets, live incredible adventures, and face enemies of various kinds, directly from our Android mobile.

What do we need? Well, to start we will need an active subscription to Game Pass Ultimate. It is important that it is the Ultimate mode, otherwise we can only download the game on consoles or PCs. It currently has a price of 14.99 euros per month, and although it has risen in recent months, it is still a very appealing alternative.

On the other hand, obviously we need an Android mobile, and is that practically any model will be worth us, whether it is the entry range or a real beast in hardware. Remember that the game will not run on our phone, so it does not matter the power of the processor or the gigabytes of RAM.

In addition, the requirements regarding the version of the operating system are very permissive: any Android device with a version higher than Android 6 can install the app. Once we are subscribed and we have installed the Xbox Game Pass app, all we have to do is open it, log in with our user, and play.

On the main screen of the application, we will see different categories, but we will quickly see Starfield under the call “Recently added”, although, yes, remember to tap on “Cloud” to switch between the Game Pass catalogs for console, pc, or cloud.

Or if you prefer, you can press the magnifying glass icon to enter in the text field the name of the most anticipated video game of recent years. As soon as we tap on “play”, the application will ask us to link a Bluetooth controller (if we have not done so), either the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series or any of previous generations.



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